Sunday, January 17, 2016

Glazed Salmon dinner for 377 calories

Tonight's dinner: Pan-Seared Salmon with Honey Glaze on a bed of Spinach

I don't remember where this "recipe" came from, but it's super easy and I love it! First put a little salt and pepper on salmon, and put it in a nonstick pan on medium high heat. Turn after 3-5 minutes  and cover until cooked through. While you wait, mix 1tsp honey with 1/4 cup red wine vinegar. Remove Salmon from pan and place it on your bed of spinach. Now add your honey/vinegar to your pan and return to the heat. I think this is called deglazing? Or something like that. It's this magical process where the vinegar dissolves the dripping and scraps in your pan and that completes your glaze with fish oils, and then most of the vinegar evaporates, and then you drizzle it over your fish! And it is a dressing on your spinach at the same time! You just won't believe the great flavor you get from so few ingredients!

With steamed veggies and some leftover rice, I had an awesome dinner!

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