Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Starting over

When a person has one kid, they are overwhelmed with the amount of work to take care of the child and cook and clean and go to appointments and everything. When that person has a second child, they are used to the amount of work required for one, and adding the second is even more hard work. Hopefully by the time they have a third child, they are used to taking care of the first 2, so the third is just as hard, but not 3 times as hard. Does that make sense? Your capacity to take care of things increases gradually as you are required to do more.

When you have 3 kids, and get taken care of 100% for a month, you forgot everything that needs to be done. After I had recovered from surgery and was on my own again, I was floored by how quickly my house became dirty. And it just kept getting worse. And the kids always wanted to be fed. I had to go grocery shopping, and I didn't know what to buy. 

My point is, it was a rough month. I was getting depressed, and I eat bad food when I'm depressed. And that made me more depressed. Everything felt so out of control. I was consistently going to Bootcamp and pushing myself to exercise hard, but I felt like the exercise made me even more hungry.  I gained 10 more pounds, putting me at 270 lbs. 

I asked my trainer for help, and she recommended the Advocare 24 day challenge. I didn't think I could do it because I'm still breastfeeding, but there is a modified version that is approved for breastfeeding mothers. So I'm starting September 26 (right after I get home from our family vacation to Disneyland).